Lowe’s Hiring Process In 2023 (5 Steps To Be Hired)

Lowe’s hiring process is similar to other retail companies in the United States.

With the help of technology, Lowes also upgraded to make its hiring process more convenient for those applying at Lowe’s.

In the company of many retail stores, Lowe’s job positions are popular among job seekers. For Lowe’s employee benefits, this company attracts more talent.

Lowe’s standard hiring process is the same for store associates, merchandising, supply chain, sales specialists, contact centers and every position at Lowe’s.

So, no matter which position you fit at Lowe’s, make sure you understand and know the Lowe’s hiring process that you are going to go through.

Lowe’s Hiring Process

lowe’s hiring process for all position
Lowe’s Hiring Process In 2023

Lowe’s hiring process includes submitting the job application, two interviews, drug tests, background checks, orientation, and training in-store as of 2023.

The hiring process at Lowe’s are:

Step 1: Job Application
Step 2: Interviews
Step 3: Pre-Employment Screening
Step 4: Orientation
Step 5: Training In-Store

Step 1: Job Application

lowe's job application
Job Application

Submitting your job application at Lowe’s is crucial for the hiring process. Therefore, you must be more careful regarding applying at Lowe’s.

Go to talent.lowes.com, where you can search for jobs and also submit your job application. 

Find your suitable job position at Lowe’s by searching, and you are also going to enter the location where you want to do the job.

After selecting your job position of yours, you can also see what responsibilities and qualifications you are going to need to get the job at Lowe’s.

When you complete reading the qualifications of the job position, now it’s time to submit your job application in the right way.

You also find the “Apply Now” button on the job description web page. If you are ready to apply, you just need to click it to start the application process.

During your job application at Lowe’s, enter valid and right information about yourself.

Arrange every information and document that you are going to need to apply at Lowe’s for your job position.

Taking a sufficient amount of time protects you from submitting wrong information.

When you completely submit your job application at Lowe’s online, you need to wait almost a week to hear from Lowe’s. You are going to get an email or call from Lowe’s for an interview if they accept your job application.

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Step 2: Interviews

lowe's interviews

Interviews are an important part of Lowe’s hiring process, so you should be more careful and take them seriously.

Lowe’s interview questions are a little different and also a little more difficult than other companies.

Lowe’s includes at least two interviews, both of which are very important for applicants to get a job at Lowe’s store.

For some positions at Lowe’s, applicants need to attend three interviews, but it’s not common. In most cases, Lowe’s takes two interviews, and that is common. 

From basics to advanced, all types of questions are needed to answer during both interviews.

Usually, Lowe’s Hiring Manager (HR) and assistant manager take job interviews.

You get a call or email from Lowe’s Home Improvement, where they mention your interview time and where you need to go for an interview.

Lowe’s first interview is organized with more personal questions about yourself and your previous work.

And Lowe’s second interview includes more professional and practical questions.

You should wear business casual or formal for Lowe’s interview. Also, you must ensure proper hygiene before going for Lowe’s interview.

Some useful tips for Lowe’s interview:

  • Take preparation for Lowe’s interviews with a decent amount of time.
  • Organize your biodata, especially for interviews.
  • Well dressed for Lowe’s interview gives you a confidence boost.
  • Practice answering interview questions at home.
  • Maintain a good attitude during Lowe’s interview.
  • Study Lowe’s Home Improvement history, revenue, and business strategies.
  • Don’t be late for Lowe’s interview.

Step 3: Pre-Employment Screening

lowe's pre-employment screening
Pre-Employment Screening

Just like other companies, Lowe’s also has pre-employment screening in the hiring process.

Lowe’s pre-employment screening includes applicant drug tests and background checks.

Employees need to go through pre-employment screening at Lowe’s for every category.

That means Lowe’s Home Improvement is going to run your background check and drug tests during Lowe’s hiring process.

Lowe’s ran a pre-employment screening after finishing both interviews.

In some Lowe’s store locations, they give you the result of your background check and drug test. But most Lowe’s stores don’t give the result to applicants. 

Lowe’s does not hire a person who fails a drug test, so if you take drugs, you will be caught at pre-employment screening.

Lowe’s Home Improvement will not hire theft/fraud or violent felonies.

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Step 4: Orientation

lowe's orientation

Lowe’s orientation approach for employees is little different from any other home improvement store.

Applicants need to complete Lowe’s orientation on their computer. Lowe’s orientation includes some introductory videos, and every employee must provide documentation as proof that they are ready to work.

Most Lowe’s stores have the same orientation program, so you are also going to need to attend and complete Lowe’s orientation through your computer.

Documentation of employees is important to Lowe’s because your documentation is going to decide whether you are going to last Lowe’s hiring process before getting hired.

Lowe’s orientation lasts at least two days, but the time period can be slightly different for some stores.

You should also know that Lowe’s orientation is paid, which means you get paid while Lowe’s orientation is processing.

For Lowe’s orientation, you can wear business casual or casual clothing but ensure maintaining good hygiene.

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Step 5: Training In-Store

lowe's training in-store
Training In-Store

After finishing Lowe’s orientation, the final Lowe’s hiring process is Training in-store.

Lowe’s University is responsible for giving employees training. Lowe’s gives you knowledge, insights, guide books, and useful skill development for serving customers during training.

For employees, Lowe’s University offers fifteen thousand square feet with webinar rooms to train.

Lowe’s trains quite a large group of employees at a time, so you also find many new employees there who are also training.

Some practical lessons are also included in Lowe’s training, where trainers demonstrate the practice for employees.

According to your position at Lowe’s Home Improvement, you are going to get some techniques to handle customers and also serve them in the proper way.

Some of Lowe’s training sessions are required for every category employee that you also need to attend.

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Does Lowe’s Hire On The Spot?

In rare cases, Lowe’s hires on the spot. Usually, Lowe’s takes applicants to interviews with hiring managers to hire.

But, by meeting the hiring manager’s conditions and showing your practical skill, you might get an on-the-spot job offer from Lowe’s.

So, you can get information about Lowe’s on the spot job offers from Lowe’s employees.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Lowe’s

Now, getting a job at Lowe’s is a little bit hard because more applicants are submitting job applications for Lowe’s employee facilities.

Back then, Lowe’s hiring process was easier than today. With Lowe’s Home Improvement company’s growth, getting a job at Lowe’s also became difficult.

Especially, hiring for Lowe’s in-store jobs is now more challenging than ever before.

Lowe’s took more interviews and required more useful skills to get the best talent among thousands of applicants.

So, if you submit a job application at Lowe’s or you want to work at Lowe’s, you better maximize your skills.

Take good preparation for Lowe’s interviews that are going to help you get hired at Lowe’s easily.

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How Long Is the Lowe’s Hiring Process?

To complete Lowe’s hiring process can take one to three weeks and Lowe’s hiring process time period also depends on store locations.

Often, we find that getting hired at Lowe’s Home Improvement takes over one week.

But, depending on your background and the Lowe’s store location, the hiring process time varies.

Conclusion – Lowe’s Hiring Process

Lowe’s hiring process takes a little longer time than other retail stores in the nation.

Lowe’s makes you wait at least three days to one week to take you to the next hiring process.

Among Lowe’s hiring process, interviews and pre-employment are essential for getting hired at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s notifies you of every hiring process status by email or call, which is very convenient.

For all Lowe’s locations, the hiring process is the same, so ensure to understand every hiring process before applying for a job at Lowe’s.

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