Home Depot Time Off Policy in 2023: Balancing Work and Life

Home Depot time off policy is considered a major benefit to Home Depot employees. So, it’s worth knowing when you are seeking jobs.

Since becoming one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world, Home Depot has committed to providing the comprehensive time of policies that supports its associates to help them to work and life balance.

Here, we are going to take an in-depth look at Home Depot time off policy, sick time policy, vacation policy, and paid holidays.

Home Depot Time Off Policy in 2023

home depot time off policy

Currently, The Home Depot time off policy is typically from 10 to 15 days off a year. However, depending on employee working hours, the time off policy can be different. Several types of time off are available at Home Depot, including vacation time, parental leave, personal days, sick days, and more. 

In general, Home Depot full-time associates can take more advantage of paid time off policy than part-time employees.

As you can see, the more hours you can work, the more time off days Home Depot will give. Like, full-time employees get over 15 days of time off, while part-time employees get less than 10 days off.

The paid time off is a benefit necessary to employees; with that consideration, Home Depot consistently updates its time off policy year after year.

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How Does Home Depot Paid Time Off (PTO) Work?

The structure of Home Depot paid time off or paid days off is similar to other retail stores.

Home Depot associates are not assigned a set number of paid time off at the start of the year. Instead, employees can utilize their accrued PTO when they need it the most.

With employees’ flexible paid days off, Home Depot also ensures that any PTO does not disrupt the business.

Each employee’s paid days off policy is different since this depends on several factors, including the employee’s number of working hours, position, location, and more. 

Home Depot offers PTO for sick leave, holidays, parental leave, personal days, and more.

You are able to check your PTO when you receive your paycheck from Home Depot.

Types of Time Off Home Depot Offer

types of time off home depot offer

As an employee of Home Depot, you have access to several time off to do work-life balance.

Here are the types of time off available at Home Depot:

  • Sick Leave: The Home Depot offers sick leave as time off; every associate is eligible for this perk.
  • Parental Leave: Just like other large employers, Home Depot offers paid parental leave to let employees take care of their new child, either through birth, foster care, or adoption.
  • Personal Days: Home Depot employees can take several paid personal days, also considered as paid time off (PTO).
  • Bereavement Leave: Due to the death of your loved one who passes away, Home Depot facilitates bereavement leave for you to take days off.
  • Vacation Time: Home Depot employees are entitled to a certain number of paid vacation days each year, depending on their existence.
  • Paid Holidays: Home Depot offers paid holidays to its employees that are included in PTO.

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How Home Depot Employees Can Request and Manage Time Off

Home Depot employees can request for the time off online. From Home Depot online portal myTHDHR, you can send requests for time off.

On your computer or smartphone, go to Home Depot online portal myTHDHR. On the site, select time off and then start the request by selecting the type of time off you need; after that, schedule your requests.

If your time off request is granted, Home Depot is going to notify you by email, or you can check the status on the online portal.

Your time off request can also be denied, and you will also be notified. To increase the chances of your time off request, you can get help from your supervisors, so they can emphasize your request by adjusting the schedule.

How Much Paid Vacation Does Home Depot Give?

The Home Depot vacation policy depends on your years of employment at Home Depot and your work hours in a year.

Besides that, full-time employees get more paid vacation than part-time or temporary 90-120 days employees. 

  • Home Depot full-time employees get over 15 to 20 days of vacation time.
  • Part-time associates can earn between 10 to 15 days of Home Depot vacation time.
  • Temporary employees are eligible for less than 5 days of Home Depot vacation time.

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What is Home Depot’s Sick Leave Policy in 2023?

home depot's sick leave policy

Sick leave is also a part of Home Depot paid time off policy. So, Home Depot offers paid sick leave as of 2023.

Also, sick leave falls under a mandatory employee benefit that every employer must provide to their employees. Home Depot full-time, part-time and temporary employees are eligible for sick leave.

Depending on employee criteria and the local law, Home Depot facilitates sick leave. Hence, I encourage you to check your sick leave days with the store supervisor before it’s needed.

Does Home Depot Offer Employees Paid Personal Time?

Yes, Home Depot offers employees paid personal time. But, paid personal day off or time is a different category of paid leave.

So, from the paid leave days that you earned, you can utilize those hours or days as paid personal time.

As I mentioned earlier, the paid leave days are earned by the form of your employment at Home Depot. Therefore, part-time or temporary associates get around 24 hours to 2 days, and full-time employees get between 3 to 6 days of paid personal time.

The Home Depot Paid Holidays

The Home Depot offers a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 paid holidays. So, at Home Depot, all types of employees get paid holidays according to their position at work.

Home Depot in-store, delivery service, and distribution center employees get two paid holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On the other hand, corporate and contact center employees are eligible for five holidays that include Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day or Fourth of July USA, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How Long Do You Have To Be Employed At Home Depot To Get Paid Time Off?

To become eligible for paid leave, vacation time, paid holidays, and other paid time off policies, you must be employed for 30 to 90 days at Home Depot.

From the orientation day, your days of employment will be counted at Home Depot.

By visiting The Home Depot online portal myTHDHR, you can ensure whether you are eligible for any PTO or not.

What About Unpaid Leave at Home Depot?

In case of an emergency or any unwanted situation, you can take days off through unpaid leave at Home Depot.

With the approval of your HR director or manager, or supervisor, you can get the approval for your leave.

As it is self explanatory, you will not get any compensation or pay for your emergency leave. So, paid time off (PTO) and unpaid leave are completely opposite from each other.

What Other Benefits Does Home Depot Offering in 2023?

Along with paid time off (PTO), Home Depot offers various benefits and perks to employees.

Here are other benefits Home Depot offers along with PTO:

  • Retirement Plan (401(k) Plan)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Corporate Matching Gift Programs
  • Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
  • Auto / Homeowner Insurance
  • Elder Care
  • Associate Discounts
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Emergency Backup Dependent Care (EBDC) Program
  • Vision Insurance

To Sum-up

The Home Depot time off policies are similar to other employers like Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Home Hardware, and more since all these are retail companies.

Some of the time off policies are required by the local law, for instance, prenatal leave and personal time; along with these, Home Depot offers more types of time off.

Home Depot paid time off (PTO) includes sick leave, paid holidays, vacation time, parental leave, bereavement Leave, and personal days.

So, considering all the time off policies, it’s clear Home Depot is letting its employees do work-life balance more efficiently.

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