The 13 Best Lowe’s Employee Benefits In 2023

Lowe’s employee benefits let you balance work and life properly. Lowe’s has full-time and also part-time employee benefits.

Lowe’s also offers their employees other perks and bonuses to fulfill their lives. Considering Lowe’s health, insurance, and other benefits, you might think about working for Lowe’s.

Most importantly, Lowe’s has seasonal employment, and Lowe’s also offers seasonal employee benefits.

During Lowe’s hiring process, employees also know what benefits and perks they are eligible for with the job description.

So, to know and understand Lowe’s employee benefits comprehensively, follow this article.

Lowe’s Overview

Lowe’s is an American retail company specializing in home improvements.

Since 2020, more than 300,000 employees and associates have been working with Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is competing with some giant home improvement retail companies like Home Depot, Best Buy, and more.

Lowe’s has been doing business for over a hundred years now, and they have more than 20 million customers each week.

Lowe’s business growth is fascinating, and it ensures the great future of Lowe’s business.

Carl Buchan founded Lowe’s in 1921, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United States. Now Marvin Ellison is Lowe’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Lowe’s has almost 2,200 stores in America and Canada. Lowe’s has a slogan: “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,” and this slogan they have used since 2019.

Lowe’s Employee Benefits

lowe’s employee benefits
Employee Benefits at Lowe’s

Lowe’s offers their employees health insurance, paid time off, employee discounts, retirement plans, paid maternity leave, employee stock purchase plan, tuition assistance for full-time and part-time employees. Lowe’s seasonal are also eligible for some benefits programs.

Here are benefits that Lowe’s offers their employees:

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Education Support
  3. Paid Maternity Leave And Paternity Leave
  4. Training Programs
  5. Retirement Benefits
  6. Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  7. Life Insurance
  8. Disability Insurance
  9. Exceptional Salary
  10. Paid-Time Off
  11. Casual Uniforms
  12. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  13. Employee Discount Program

1. Health Insurance

Lowe’s Health insurance policies cover their employee’s general health care.

Lowe’s Health insurance coverage includes employees’ dental, vision, term life insurance, general health care, and limited benefit health plan.

So, just like other stores, they also have a variety of health insurance coverage.

If you work for Lowe’s, you will get two health options to choose that cover yourself; another one is to cover your whole family.

Health insurance is one of employee benefit that is mediatory by law also.

There is also more health support available for their employees, such as telehealth services, diabetes support, and reduced-priced medications.

You must work for at least 31 days before receiving Lowe’s any health benefits or health insurance.

When you are eligible for Lowe’s health insurance, the cost of unexpected health care expenses will be taken away from your pay.

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2. Education Support

lowe's education support
Education Support

Lowe’s education support can be very helpful for your education program. Lowe’s offers education benefits for college degrees, master’s degrees, high school, and college prep.

That’s why if you need education support, then you should check out Lowe’s education benefits.

Full-time employees and regular employees’ inactive status are eligible for Lowe’s education benefits.

To be eligible for Lowe’s tuition reimbursement, a full-time employee needs to work one year at least at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s education benefit covers up to $2,500/year for education fees for full-time employees.

But, Lowe’s education benefit does not cover library fees, activity fees, and parking.

Lowe’s TuitionHelp™ Student Aid Advisor group operates the education support sector, and you can reach out to them by calling 1-877-447-0584 this number.

3. Paid Maternity Leave And Paternity Leave

Lowe’s employees also enable paid maternity leave and paternity leave, which makes Lowe’s employee benefits more favorable. 

Lowe’s full-time hourly and salaried employees receive ten weeks of paid maternity leave and two weeks of paid parental leave.

So, if you are thinking about getting a job at Lowe’s, you should consider their paid maternity leave and paternity leave plan.

4. Training Programs

Lowe’s started giving employees training from the joining day. All employees kick off their careers with Lowe’s orientation which is an initial training program.

Since 2012, Lowe’s has offered its employees training programs. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and Lowe’s together bring Lowe’s training program for their employees.

Lowe’s employees who specialize in interior kitchen and bath projects can earn NKBA certification. 

Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer (AKBD), Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD), and Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD) these courses are available for Lowe’s employees.

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5. Retirement Benefits

Lowe's retirement benefits
Lowe’s Retirement Benefits

Considering four major employee benefits, Lowe’s also gives their employees retirement benefits like other home improvement companies in the United States.

Lowe’s employee benefits list included a 401(k) retirement plan. So, if you work for Lowe’s, you will be able to get Lowe’s retirement benefits.

By employee’s 401(k) retirement plan, Lowe’s matches 100% of the first 3% contribution. An employee needs to work at least 30 days and have to be 18 year old or older.

6. Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is available in Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Lowe’s Employees Stock Purchase Plan lets their employees buy Lowe’s shares with 15% discount. And buying company shares with the ESPP offer is worth it.

So, as a Lowe’s employee, you also get ESPP benefits and save more money.

To be eligible for Lowe’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan, employees need to work at least 30 days at Lowe’s.

7. Life Insurance

lowe’s life insurance
Lowe’s Life Insurance

Lowe’s life insurance is for every employee and any type of employee. Both salaried and hourly full-time employees can get Lowe’s life insurance.

Even if you are a part-time employee, you are eligible for Lowe’s life insurance plan.

Lowe’s hourly-based employees are eligible for a ten thousand dollar paid life plan, and salary-based employees are eligible for one based on their pay.

Lowe’s also has a life insurance plan for Accidental death, permanent disability, and dismemberment.

Employees have to work at Lowe’s for at least 30 days to be eligible for Lowe’s life insurance plan. And Lowe’s insurance plan rate increases and decreases with employee age.

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8. Disability Insurance

lowe’s disability insurance
Lowe’s Disability Insurance

Lowe’s has both Short-Term and Long-Term disability insurance for full-time hourly and salaried employees.

Short-term disability and long-term disability insurance plans depend on employees’ age and salary.

To be eligible for disability insurance, employees need to continue work at Lowe’s for at least 30 days.

9. Exceptional Salary

Like other retail stores, Lowe’s salary depends on the job title, employees’ experience, and most importantly, on the store’s location. But, employees’ salaries at Lowe’s are comparatively great.

Lowe’s employee salary ranges between $11 to $24 hours, and the average Lowe’s salary is $15 hourly.

Lowe’s sales cashier makes $10 to $14 per hour, while a sales associate makes between $10 to $16 per hour.

Lowe’s team leader makes the highest money, between $35 to $40 hourly, and a customer service representative makes the least money, between $11 to $14 hourly.

10. Paid-Time Off

lowe’s paid-time off
Lowe’s Paid-Time Off

Paid-time off means employees take off for a specific number of days, but employees still receive compensation.

Paid-time off plans include holidays, sick leave, medical leave, vacation days, and more. Paid-Time off is also known as PTO.

Lowe’s only full-time employees are eligible for a paid-time off plan.

Paid-time off (PTO) will be eligible if you work at Lowe’s for one year at least. Lowe’s PTO policy typically gives 10 to 15 days off a year.

Paid-time off is the most important Lowe’s benefit after health and life insurance but this employee benefit is not required by law.

11. Casual Uniforms

Lowe’s dress code in 2023 is just a red vest with a name on it, and Lowe’s employees are also able to wear any designed t-shirt and pants.

Lowe’s employees can do any polite tattoos, hair colors, and styles and work at Lowe’s stores.

12. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Lowe’s offers their employees Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Lowe’s has a toll-free number to call Lowe’s employee Assistance Program assistance, and EAP customer assistant stays open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Lowe’s employees can apply for child care legal help in the Employee Assistance Program plan. Lowe’s EAP plan has a good reputation for its proper service.

13. Employee Discount Program

Employee Discount Program is the way to reward employees by giving a discount on company services and products.

Lowe’s also has an employee discount program for their employees.

Lowe’s employees get a discount card that gives them a 10% discount on every purchase.

Lowe’s employee discount program is handy because you can also get a 10% discount from online purchases.

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Lowe’s Full-Time Employee Benefits

Lowe’s full-time employee benefits include paid-time-off (PTO) benefits, health insurance, A 401(K)plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), Disability insurance, and more.

Here are Lowe’s Full-Time employee benefits:

  • A 401(K) Plan
  • Employee Discount 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health insurance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Paid-Time Off
  • Family and medical leave
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Education Support

Lowe’s Part-Time Employee Benefits

Lowe's part-time employee benefits
Lowe’s Part-Time Employee Benefits

L0we’s part-time employees also get various benefits that make their life better, such as life insurance, health care (Limited), employee assistance program, employee discount, and other employee benefits.

Here are Lowe’s Part-time employee benefits:

  • Employee Discount
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health care Plan
  • Short-term Disability
  • Education Support
  • Accident Insurance
  • Vision Benefits

Lowe’s Seasonal Employee Benefits

Lowe’s opens seasonal job opportunities with seasonal employee benefits each spring.

Lowe’s retail associate and stocker & receiver are the most common job offers at Lowe’s seasonal joining.

Lowe’s seasonal employee benefits list:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Associate Discount
  • Training Program
  • Simple Work
  • Accommodating Work Hours
  • Free Food
  • Extensive Break

Lowes Employee Vacation Benefits

Lowe’s employees are eligible for Lowe’s employee vacation benefits.

Whether you are a Lowe’s full-time or part-time employee, you can get Lowe’s employee vacation benefits plan.

But, Lowe’s full-time employees get more vacation than Lowe’s part-time employees.

So, if you work full-time at Lowe’s, you will get more vacations and enjoy more.

A full-time Lowe’s employee gets 10 days of vacation after working 1 year.

On the other hand, a part-time employee gets 40 hours of vacation only after working 1 year at Lowe’s.

The more you work at Lowe’s, your vacation benefits plan will be more extended.

Lowe’s Financial Benefits

Several financial benefits are available for Lowe’s employees. Lowe’s financial benefits let you maximize your financial freedom in working life and personal life.

Lowe’s financial benefits are:

  1. Paid time off (PTO):
    In Lowe’s financial benefits, you first need to consider Lowe’s paid time off benefits because this plan covers holidays, sick leaves, and more.
  2. Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP):
    Lowe’s offers their employees to become Lowe’s shareholders. Lowe’s employee stock purchase plan lets you buy Lowe’s share at a discount.
  3. 401(k) plan:
    A 401(k) plan benefits are always placed at the top of employee benefit plans. So, Lowe’s also has a 401(k) plan for their employees.
  4. Education support:
    Lowe’s cares about employees’ education; that’s why they have a Lowe’s education support plan.

Lowe’s Employee Discount

Lowe's employee discount
Lowe’s Employee Discount

Lowe’s given their employees a Lowe’s employee discount. Lowe’s offers 10% off on Lowe’s products as an employee discount.

Lowe’s Home Improvement also offers its employees discounts on other services.

With 10% off on Lowe’s products, they also give Lowe’s employee discounts on restaurants, cell phone plans, flights, hotels, and other retail stores.

Another special Lowe’s employee discount is 20% off on Christmas week.

For Christmas, an enormous shopping Lowe’s employee discount also covers your budget.

Lowe’s Work-Life Balance

Working with Lowe’s Home Improvement is a good work-life balance because Lowe’s gives the employees the first priority.

More than three hundred thousand employees have been working with Lowe’s since 2020, so it lets us know Lowe’s employee’s work-life balance transparently.

Lowe’s provides diverse employees benefits and discounts that ensure Lowe’s employees stay productive and motivated while they are working.

From health insurance to parental leave benefits plans help Lowe’s employees work-life balance properly.

In Lowe’s Home Improvement, simple and light works are more than heavy work; that is another reason why Lowe’s employees are happy to work with Lowe’s.

401(K) plan retirement plan, education support, paid time off, health insurance, and other Lowe’s perks make their employees more comfortable and reliable at work.

How to Work for Lowe’s

To work for Lowe’s, you must stay updated for an opportunity because now Lowe’s is a RANK31 company on fortune 500; that’s why work quality and demand go up gradually.

Lowe’s is a well-organized retail store, especially their employees and work environments in good condition.

Below we shared some tips that must help you to work for Lowe’s.

  • Highlight your skills:
    There is nothing more important than highlighting your skills to get a job at Lowe’s. Make sure you show your proper skills and ability to be capable for their job.
  • Get proper knowledge about Lowe’s:
    It’s necessary to know more about Lowe’s history, progress, and plans to work at Lowe’s. Take time to study and analyze Lowe’s because this will help you in a job interview.
  • Write the perfect resume:
    Try not to mess with your job resume because this is way more important than other things about you.
  • Become productive:
    Becoming a productive person not only helps you to get a job at Lowe’s, but it will also improve your whole life. An effective personality is demanded in every job, that’s why you should be productive.

Jobs at Lowe’s For You

Lowe’s Home Improvement hires employees several times a year; that’s why you also need to update Lowe’s job with preparing for Lowe’s job positions.

Job TitleAverage Salary
Sales Specialist$18.21 per hour
Customer Service Representative$12.85 per hour
Software Consultant$128,718 per year
Retail Sales Associate$14.70 per hour
Merchandising Associate$13.64 per hour
Cashier$12.44 per hour
Sales Associate$13.85 per hour
Kitchen Designer$18.72 per hour
Delivery Helper$12.89 per hour
Bus Driver$38, 780 per year

Lowe’s Employee Benefits FAQ

How long do you have to work at Lowes to get benefits?

To be eligible for most Lowe’s benefits, you have to work at least 31 days at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

But, to get Lowe’s Health Insurance eligibility, you must be a full-time employee and 89 days of continuous employment at Lowe’s.

Not every Lowe’s employee benefits eligibility process is the same; that’s why you have to connect with Lowe’s home improvement.

But, every Lowe’s location’s employee benefits procedures, requirements and eligibility are the same.

How many hours is considered full-time at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s 38 hours per week is considered full-time. That means you have to work at least 38 hours a week to become Lowe’s full-time employee. 

How often do Lowe’s employees get raises?

Every 6 months Lowe’s gives raises to their employees. If you are working at Lowe’s and want a raise, your work efficiency and regularity are also to be considered.

That’s why you must pay proper attention to your continuous employment.

How long is lunch break at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s lunch break is between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. And if you work over 5 hours, Lowe’s will pay for lunch breaks.

Is it worth working at Lowe’s?

Considering Lowe’s employee benefits, exceptional salary, work environments, and a great community of employees, it’s worth working at Lowe’s.

Another thing you should consider is Lowe’s employees’ work/life balance.

But, the management system needs to be improved because, in Lowe’s, there is so much lack of management.

Conclusion – Lowe’s Employee Benefits

It’s necessary to know Lowe’s employee benefits comprehensively before working at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s offers some fundamental employee benefits that genuinely help employees improve their day-to-day lives.

After knowing Lowe’s employee benefits now, you can decide whether building your career at Lowe’s is good for you or you need a different company that is more well-organized.

Here I shared more than thirteen Lowe’s employee benefits that you should know before working at Lowe’s Home Improvement and tips to work at Lowe’s.

So, if there is anything you want to know more about, please leave your query here.

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