The 20 Most Common Lowe’s Interview Questions And Answers

Lowe’s interview questions are similar to other retail companies’ interview quotations.

Lowe’s interviewees ask questions from different angles, but most interview questions are easy and straightforward.

Interview questions make us a little more nervous, but you can make it work effectively with proper practice.

Lowe’s Home Improvement is another America’s largest employer. Over thousand of thousand employees work in Lowe’s corporate and stores all over the U.S.

Here, we will let you know some of the most common interview questions at Lowe’s and how to answer them. Also, what you should wear at Lowe’s interview and some useful tips.

Lowe’s Interview Questions

lowe's interview questions
Lowe’s Interview Questions

Here are common Lowe’s interview questions:

  1. Tell Me About Yourself
  2. What Do You Know About Lowe’s?
  3. How Would Your Coworkers Describe You?
  4. What Motivates You?
  5. What’s Your Best Quality?
  6. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?
  7. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
  8. Tell Me About Your Work Experience
  9. Why Do You Want To Work At Lowe’s? 
  10. What Do You Know About Our Competitors?
  11. What Does Good Customer Service Mean To You?
  12. How Would You Deal With A Difficult Customer?
  13. What Would You Do If You’re Asked to Do Something Unethical?
  14. How Would You Respond If A Coworker Is Rude To A Customer?
  15. Tell Me About A Time You Made a Mistake
  16. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?
  17. Why Should We Hire You?
  18. How Long Do You Plan On Working Here?
  19. What Is Your Availability To Work?
  20. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

1. Tell Me About Yourself


“Sure, my name is Skylar, and I am 26 years old.

I live in Houston, Texas, and I have been working as a sales associate at a store.

Throughout my career, I have noticed I have a decent ability to present products to customers to help with their purchasing. And, I enjoy sales the most.

To expand my sales experience, I want to join Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I love to read books and do outdoor activities. I usually spend my leisure time reading books on my balcony.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Keep the answer simple, and try not to expand because that can confuse the interviewee.
  • Answer the question in the past, parent, and future structure.
  • In the answer, you must include your work experience and future aim.
  • Maintain professionality, and don’t be too casual when answering the question.

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2. What Do You Know About Lowe’s?


“Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is an American retail company specializing in home improvement.

Lowe’s started as a hardware store in North Carolina, and today, Lowe’s is the world’s largest home improvement retailer.

Over 300,000 associates are working with Lowe’s in the United States and Canada.

Lowe’s completed around 20 million customer transitions each week, and the previous year’s sales were 96.3 billion USD which is quite impressive.

Lowe’s is the go-to store for home improvement products in the United States. Lowe’s committed to transparency, quality products, and value.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Mentioning a couple of facts about Lowe’s Home Improvement is enough.
  • Research about Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is necessary before being set in Lowe’s interview.
  • Try to give a short and important answer about Lowe’s.

3. How Would Your Coworkers Describe You?


“My colleagues would describe me as having a work ethic. I can stay more focused on certain work for a long time.

I can stick to my work with full attention and focus by managing my time effectively.

My coworkers also say I’m a confident and natural leader. To be honest, I love managing and tracking people as a leader.

I enjoy a variety of work environments, so I keep doing what I need to do.

For my work efficiency, my previous boss put me in charge as the project manager of several major projects.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Honesty is required to answer this question, so try to be as honest as possible.
  • You must practice the answer a couple of times before going to the interview.
  • Keep the answer concise; one minute is enough for this answer.

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4. What Motivates You?


“I’m really motivated by the others around me and also being a part of a team.

At my last job, the discussion about our team moving forward inspired me to do more.

I also try to help others to be inspired by their actions. I used to motivate my colleagues to work their best for projects done.

A little accomplishment of work also helps me to keep motivated. That’s why I always try to finish my job before the deadline.”

Tips For Answering:

  • You must describe what keeps you motivated and why precisely.
  • You don’t need to tell them you are coming for the paycheck; that’s why you can tell Lowe’s interviewee what other things inspired you.
  • If many things motivate you, then pick only one that you can describe adequately.

5. What’s Your Best Quality?


“I pride myself on my problem handling and customer service skills. I think I have a better ability to handle minor and major issues.

With around three years of experience as a sales associate, I have learned to understand customers’ needs.

I’m able to find out what an individual customer is looking for at the store much quicker than others.

Good communication skills and problem-solving instinct help me to provide the maximum customer service.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Organize the answer with some soft skills and also hard skills that the employer is seeking.
  • You should mention how you utilized your skills in the past.
  • Keep the answer precise so the interviewee can notice every point you are making.

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6. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?


“Well, my greatest weakness is self-criticism because I often feel like I’m not giving my best, and I am always critical of myself.

As a self-criticized person, I often try to work more to feed my ego, which makes me burn out over time.

I also feel inferior to my coworkers or colleagues, which makes me feel bad about myself.

But, I didn’t give up; I constantly worked on myself during the past year to become open-minded.

My friends and family also know about my weakness. I’m grateful that everyone is trying to help me be less self-criticized.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Take time before talking about your greatest weakness; preparing the answer at home would be a good idea.
  • You must be honest about your weakness because if you get hired, your weakness will come up in your work.
  • Avoid giving the weakness that affects your work like “I don’t like to work”; instead, mention a weakness that is not entirely connected to your work.
  • Must tell the interviewer how you are working on your weakness.

Some common weaknesses you can tell in Lowe’s interview:

  1. Timidity
  2. Indecisiveness
  3. Talkative
  4. Lack of Organization
  5. Weak Data Analysis Skills
  6. Fear of Public Speaking
  7. Problem with Work-Life Balance
  8. Procrastination
  9. Self-criticism

7. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?


“I want to improve my skill at the maximum level in five years.

As a sales professional, I need to be more experienced so that I can help the company grow further.

I have already enrolled in several online courses that can help to develop my sales skill set.

Understanding more about customer buying behavior is my main purpose in future years.

Therefore, I strongly believe that I can develop better skills and eventually help Lowe’s Home Improvement to grow sales over the next few years.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Be clear about your goal. Without being certain about what skill you want to develop in the future, you won’t know how to improve the skill.
  • Mention the skill that can improve your current profession.
  • Tell Lowe’s interview how that skill will help Lowe’s Companies, Inc. if they hire you.

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8. Tell Me About Your Work Experience


“I worked as a sales associate at a grocery store for one year in Texas, but I have never worked at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

In previous work, I connected with several sales projects, and I successfully accomplished company sales targets each month.

My one-year experience as a sales associate helps me to develop decent skills in customer behavior.

By making every customer happy with their purchasing in past years, now I’m completely prepared to handle large amounts of customers.

Since the role of Lowe’s sales assistant is responsible for helping customers,  my experience would be a great asset to Lowe’s.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Lowe’s interviewee can ask this question in several different variations, such as; describing your related experience. Or how does your prior experience prepare you for this job? or do you think your experience matches the needs of the role?
  • Ensure your prior experience is going to help the role that you want at Lowe’s.
  • You can fake your work experience; that’s why you need to be honest.
  • Practice the answer to the “Tell Me About Your Work Experience” question in your home.

9. Why Do You Want To Work At Lowe’s? 


“Lowe’s Home Improvement is a reputed organization in the home improvement industry.

Considering my skills and experience, I firmly believe that I have something to offer Lowe’s for better growth.

I have found Lowe’s as one of the top places to work in my area because of its enthusiastic employees. 

Lowe’s management and leadership in the industry attract me. That’s why I would be proud to work at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The equal culture, management support, work-life balance, and great perks are going to be worth my hard work here.”

Tips For Answering:

  • At first, you must express your personal passion for Lowe’s.
  • Avoid telling a long story about Lowe’s because interviewees only want a solid reason why you want to work at Lowe’s.
  • Explain why you’re perfect for the role at Lowe’s.
  • Don’t forget to describe how you can help Lowe’s Home Improvement to go forward.

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10. What Do You Know About Our Competitors?


“Well, Lowe’s is the leading company in the home improvement industry, so it’s common to see several competitors.

From my thorough research, I found The Home Depot is the major competitor of Lowe’s Home Improvement.

But, other largest companies are also competing with Lowe’s.

Such as Best Buy, Target, Menards, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Costco are competitors of Lowe’s.

Also, it’s evident that the Lowe’s Home Improvement number of competitors will be expanded.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Keep the answer short; four to six sentences of the answer is enough.
  • Research Lowe’s competitors before going to interview. Utilize the internet to research Lowe’s competitors.
  • You should not imply that Lowe’s competitors are better or the same.

11. What Does Good Customer Service Mean To You?


“To me, good customer service means listening to customers and helping them to resolve their problems as soon as possible.

I also think good customer service also means giving proper priority to customers’ issues first.

So, when I think of customer service, the only thing that comes to mind is reliability.

I know Lowe’s always ensured good customer service, which helps them to stand out.

In many cases, customers don’t even know what they are looking for where good customer service has become necessary.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Lowe’s interviewer asked this question to test your customer service knowledge.
  • Practicing and organizing the answer at home is highly recommended.
  • Highlight your point on good customer service because it matters the most.
  • Expanding the answer can help Lowe’s interviewer understand your points on good customer service.

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12. How Would You Deal With A Difficult Customer?


“When a customer gets angry, it gets difficult to understand the customer thoroughly.

First, I would ask the customer to explain the issue that he or she has, which would help me to understand the problem properly.

I would ask customers specific questions regarding the issue to clear my doubt.

After the customer explains his issues, I will ensure who is the right person to assist with that problem.

I also repeat back the information the customer gave me, so the customer can understand that I understand the problem completely.

Finally, I’m going to share how I will resolve their problem, which will help them to be calm and quiet.”

Tips For Answering:

  • You have to have the right plan to deal with a difficult customer that you can develop at home.
  • Avoid saying too many details about difficult customers. Instead, say your plan will help you deal with an angry or difficult customer.

13. What Would You Do If You’re Asked to Do Something Unethical?


“As I was working as a sales associate in my previous role, I used to direct customers to goods and operate cash registers.

One day, the store supervisor asked me to tell a homeless guy to go away, which I thought was not right.

Before telling the homeless guy to leave the store, I connected with my supervisor and told him that I would handle that customer.

I also tell my supervisor that instead of telling the customer to go away, I’m going to assist the homeless guy with his purchase. So that he can get whatever he needs as soon as possible.

After that customer leaves the store with the product he needs, the customer thanks me, and my supervisor is impressed with what I have done.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Give the answer with an example that helps Lowe’s interviewee to understand the answer with an event.
  • Don’t forget to emphasize your own values while answering the question.
  • Using tact and good judgment, prepare your answer.
  • Take time if your story is long.

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14. How Would You Respond If A Coworker Is Rude To A Customer?


“Being rude to any customer affects customers’ purchasing behavior. Therefore, handling the situation is every employee’s responsibility.

When one of my coworkers is being rude to a customer, I will first try to calm down my coworker and the customer. I will also inform the store manager about this as soon as possible.

I’m going to let my coworker express to me the reason behind being rude. After that, I begged for apologies from the customer about this incident.

Now, I’m going to assist that customer further instead of my coworker, which will help us to take the situation under control.”

Tips For Answering:

  • This is a common Lowe’s interview question that you might also be asked during the interview.
  • Lowe’s interviewee asked this question to know about your problem-solving skills.
  • Express the key points properly of handling a rude coworker.

15. Tell Me About A Time You Made a Mistake


“Back when I started my career as a sales associate, I was a team leader for the first time. But, I failed to reach the sales goals.

The mistake that was made was that I tried to do everything by myself. I also started complaining about team organizing, team members’ lack of skills, and more.

But, I found the mistake that I made was I was very quickly overloaded, which affected my ability to innovate new ideas.

I’m the kind of person who tries to learn and grow from every mistake, so I apologize to every team member and start learning more about leadership.

Since then, I have started delegating work instead doing everything by myself and keeping the workflow smooth.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Start answering the question with an example that helps Lowe’s interviewee understand your mistake properly.
  • You must mention what you learned from your mistake.
  • Do not stick to telling too much about the mistake that you made; instead, tell more about what you learned.
  • Also, tell Lowe’s interviewee your mistakes are going to repeat.

16. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?


“To be honest, I worked at my previous organization for such a long time. I have learned a lot in my current position.

So the main reason behind leaving my last job is I’m looking for an opportunity to advance my career using my previous years of skills.

I would love to work at Lowe’s Home Improvement, such a big organization, to learn more and also grow more.

I still love my current job position and my boss, but the company is not that large, so the scope to develop a career is also limited.

But, Lowe’s can help to grow my skills to advance my career because Lowe’s has more customers.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Lowe’s interviewee can ask this same question in different versions, such as; Why are you looking for a new job now? Or Why did you quit your job? And more.
  • Your honesty will help you to express the reason behind leaving your job.
  • Ensure the answer is not too short or too long because it can confuse Lowe’s interviewee.
  • Keep the answer possible as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget to practice the answer at your home; that will give you more confidence.

17. Why Should We Hire You?


“I’m glad you asked. I believe that my experience with sales and understanding of customer purchase behavior make me the best match for this position.

In my three years of experience as a sales associate, I have accomplished every sales target and also managed several teams.

I truly enjoyed what I was doing, which is what attracted me to this position at Lowe’s.

I would love to bring my sales skills and what I have learned in my previous years at Lowe’s Home Improvement to go forward.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Show the skills that you have and how those skills you can use at Lowe’s.
  • You need to describe how hiring you will increase Lowe’s sales overall.
  • Show enthusiasm for work that Lowe’s interviewee can notice.

18. How Long Do You Plan On Working Here?


“I truly believe that there are a plethora of opportunities for growing and developing my career at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I would like to work at Lowe’s in this position over the next couple of years. Also, I want to work here for an extended period of time.

If I can make a positive impact at Lowe’s and continuously grow my career, I see no reason I won’t stay with Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I have to say, the flexible hours Lowe’s offers attract me to work in this position because that will help me spend more time with my family.

So, I expect to be here for as long as I can contribute to Lowe’s Home Improvement.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Being honest with the interviewee is going to help you to answer this question.
  • You should brainstorm to prepare the answer at home.
  • Be positive about your position at Lowe’s Home Improvement.
  • A short answer is also applicable to this question.
  • Describe how your position at Lowe’s helps you to grow your career.

19. What Is Your Availability To Work?


“I’m flexible on work hours and available every day of the week. But, I prefer to work between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I also appreciate family time during weekends, but I’m also available on weekends.”

Tips For Answering:

  • Review your work schedule before sitting in Lowe’s interview.
  • At home, research Lowe’s hours of operation at that location.
  • Give Lowe’s interviewee your honest work schedule.
  • This question can be asked in several different variations. Such as; What days are you available to work? What hours are you looking to work? And more.

20. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Typically, Lowe’s interviewer asks this question when the interview is finished.

Through this question, Lowe’s interviewees give you an opportunity to know anything you feel is necessary about Lowe’s.

Here are some example questions you might ask Lowe’s interviewee:

  • What is the overall management system of Lowe’s Home Improvement?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • How much can I expect to earn during the first year?
  • Do you think I am missing any qualifications needed for this position?
  • How is success measured in this position?
  • Is working an option for this position remotely?
  • What projects is Lowe’s currently working on?
  • What do employees do for fun with colleagues after work?

What To Wear To A Lowe’s Interview

what to wear to a lowe's interview
What To Wear To A Lowe’s Interview

If you are a man, you should wear Oxford shoes, a business suit or at least a shirt with a tie, a formal white shirt, and a pair of slacks to a Lowe’s interview.

Choose the business suit in color between black and navy blue because both colors of the business suit look more professional on you.

If you are a woman, wear pencil shirts, navy blue or black blazers, button-down shirts, and a heel that is no higher than 3 inches for Lowe’s interview.

First up, whether you are a man or a woman, you must ensure good hygiene; it’s crucial.

Also, make sure the shoe you wear for Lowe’s Home Improvement interview is dry and clean.

Final Thoughts On Lowe’s Interview

Lowe’s interview questions vary on the positions at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

But, we listed the most common Lowe’s interview questions with example answers that are applicable for all positions. We also shared some useful tips on how to answer every Lowe’s interview question.

Some interview questions require practice, so organize your answer at home before coming to the interview.

Lowe’s interviewee allows you to ask about Lowe’s Home Improvement, so avoid asking any unnecessary questions.

Wear business casual to a Lowe’s interview whether you are a man or woman.

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