Home Depot Orientation 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Home Depot orientation in 2023 is a little different than previous years. So it’s better to know everything about Home Depot before getting hired.

Just like other home improvement companies, Home Depot offers great employee benefits and provides every associate training through orientation to satisfy customers.

So, you will find here the answer to the questions of how long is Home Depot orientation, do they pay for orientation, what to wear, what to expect, does Home Depot drug test at orientation, and much more.

Home Depot Orientation In 2023

home depot orientation
Home Depot Orientation

Home Depot orientation is a training process that teaches newly hired associates about their duty and responsibilities regardless of the positions. Home Depot employees must finish the orientation before starting working but attending the orientation does not guarantee an employee spot in Home Depot stores.

Whether you are Home Depot full-time or part-time employee, you must go through orientation before working in the store.

Finishing orientation does not require any particular skills, but you will be taught about the company culture, history, mission, and much about your work.

The training you will receive in Home Depot orientation will help you fully understand the work culture, and you will also have the chance to meet with your co-workers.

Keep reading to know everything about Home Depot orientation and clear all your confusion.

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How Long is Home Depot Orientation?

how long is home depot orientation
How Long is Home Depot Orientation?

On average, Home Depot orientation is 4 hours a day, but the duration of orientation varies on positions and the store’s location.

Home Depot’s store operation and delivery services position employees to spend less time in orientation than corporate employees.

For store operation positions like cashier, stocker, mobile service technician, customer service, department supervisor, and more, Home Depot orientation is 4 to 5 hours long.

But, the orientation can be two to three days long for Home Depot corporate positions such as multi-asset protection manager, customer experience manager, assistant store manager, store manager, and more.

So, depending on your position, Home Depot’s orientation duration can change.

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Do You Get Paid for Orientation at Home Depot?

do you get paid for orientation at home depot
Do You Get Paid for Orientation at Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot pays for orientation as of 2023. You will get paid at the hourly rate for orientation at Home Depot.

Home Depot has paid orientation, so you will get paid according to your position hourly rate, no matter how many days or how long orientation is.

Therefore, don’t worry because you will be getting paid for watching training videos, meeting with co-workers, and hearing all the inducements about the work or company during orientation.

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Does Home Depot Drug Test at Orientation 2023?

Home Depot doesn’t do a drug test at orientation. But, The Home Depot performs drug tests during the hiring process.

Home Depot maintains a drug-free workplace. So, The Home Depot has a strict no-drug or alcohol abuse policy that every associate needs to follow.

Regardless of the positions at Home Depot, each newly hired employee goes through pre-employment drug tests and background verification processes.

What to Wear to Home Depot Orientation?

You should wear a comfortable dress so that you can move quickly and easily, especially if you are working in any position of store operations because Home Depot jobs are physically demanding.

You should wear a collared shirt and jeans to Home Depot orientation if you are a male. And for footwear, you can consider loafers, sneakers, and boots but avoid wearing sandals.

As a female, you can wear light-colored blouses or shirts, sweaters, skirts, and closed-toe shoes that would be perfect for The Home Depot orientation.

But, if you are working at the Home Depot corporate position, you can consider wearing formal dress.

So, no matter what dress you are wearing to Home Depot orientation, you need to be comfortable.

What to Bring to Home Depot Orientation?

Bring a pen, small notepad, snacks, personal identification, and employment document to Home Depot orientation.

During Home Depot orientation, you will be learning various things about the work culture, Home Depot community, duties, responsibilities, and more that you will need to follow after starting work.

But keeping it all in your mind would not be possible. That’s why bring a pen or pencil and a small notepad to write important hints.

Home Depot orientation is typically four hours long, and depending on the store, you might need to be there for more than four hours. So, keep snakes in your bag that will satisfy your hunger. Water will be provided during orientation.

Also, you should bring your personal identification documents that might be shown in Home Depot orientation.

What Happens at Home Depot Orientation

what happens at home depot orientation
What Happens at Home Depot Orientation

Several activities take place at Home Depot orientation. According to your position at Home Depot, you will receive various training during orientation.

During Home Depot orientation, you can expect a workplace tour, introduction with co-workers or team, Home Depot store policies, safety regulations, and so on.

Also, newly hired associates of Home Depot will learn about handling customers, POS systems, product specifications, and more regarding customer service in orientation.

You don’t need to be nervous about learning everything on orientation day; you will learn them easily when you start working at Home Depot.

Where to Go for Home Depot Orientation?

Generally, you will need to go to the Home Depot store location for orientation. And the orientation will occur on the first few days after you finish the Home Depot interview.

On top of that, The Home Depot’s hiring manager or recruiter will let you know where you need to go to attend orientation and when.

If you are confused and don’t know exactly where you need to go, you can connect with the Home Depot through email and phone call for the orientation day information.

How Long After Orientation Do You Start Working At Home Depot?

You might need to wait a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 3 days after orientation to start working at Home Depot.

And Home Depot is also hired on the spot; in that case, you will not need to wait a single day to start working.

Does Home Depot Do Orientation On Weekends?

No, Home Depot does not do orientation on weekends because all Home Depot locations remain closed on Sundays.

Typically, Home Depot does orientation on weekdays. Therefore, you can enjoy the weekends while you are going through the Home Depot hiring process.

Can You Reschedule Home Depot Orientation?

Yes, you can reschedule Home Depot orientation. In this case, you must inform the Home Depot hiring manager before orientation starts.

Rescheduling job orientation is not good practice because this shows your lack of interest in the job.

So, unless it’s too emergency, do not reschedule Home Depot orientation because you might lose the job.

Home Depot Training Videos


Home Depot orientation can last from one day to three days, depending on your position. For example, when you are working in any position of store operation, orientation will last one day for you, while orientation lasts three days for a corporate position associate.

Wearing a casual and comfortable dress is fine for Home Depot orientation, so wear whatever you want.

During orientation, you will learn about Home Depot workplace, your responsibilities, practical training, filling out forms, safety regulation, and more.

Orientation is an essential aspect of Home Depot hiring process. Hence you should prepare for orientation and learn during orientation.

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