Home Depot Employee Discount: Check Whether You Eligible or Not?

Job seekers and many current associates of Home Depot are still confused about The Home Depot employee discount.

To employees, the discount program matters because this perk allows them to save a lot on their home improvement projects. But do Home Depot employees get a discount?

In the in-depth guide, you are going to know everything about Home Depot employee discount, and also about the other perks and benefits.

Do Home Depot Employees Get A Discount?

do home depot employees get a discount

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not offer employee discount as of 2023. However, Home Depot offers The Employee Pricing Program that allows employees to save on purchasing anything from other employers. So, as an employee, you are not going to get any discount on Home Depot products.

The Home Depot’s Employee Pricing Program is not the same as an employee discount since you are not able to save any money from buying anything at Home Depot.

The Employee Pricing Program is also considered a perk, similar to an employee discount. Although employees are not getting discounts on purchases, but Home Depot offers various valuable benefits to employees.

Besides that, Home Depot competitors, including Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Home Hardware, are offering employee discounts. Hence, Home Depot might offer this benefit to the employees in the near future.

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What About Home Depot Corporate Employees?

Same as other categories of employees, The Home Depot corporate employees are also not eligible for employee discount benefits.

But Home Depot’s all types and positions employees, including corporate employees, are eligible for The Employee Pricing Program.

So, suppose you are a senior software engineer, project manager, assistant store manager, store co-manager, staff system engineer, or any other Home Depot corporate employee. In that case, you are also not going to get any discount on your purchases from the store.

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How Does The Home Depot Employee Pricing Program Work?

home depot employee pricing program

The Employee Pricing Program is a perk that Home Depot employees get. The Employee Pricing Program allows employees to buy stuff like electronics, gym and other memberships, cell phone services, and subscriptions at a discount.

The Home Depot Employee Pricing Program provides employees with exclusive access to exceptional pricing, outperforming other available market rates. This program ensures that employees receive the best possible prices on a variety of products and services from other brands.

Although Home Depot does not give any discount or price cut on its products for the employees, Home Depot maintains good relationships with other brands to give discounts for its employees.

Home Depot brings a virtual currency called WOWPoints, that employees can earn and redeem when they shop through the Home Depot Perks at Work program.

WOWPoints are loyalty points that are never going to expire, and as an employee, you will continue to earn them throughout your work at the store.

In the process of buying stuff from other brands at a discount through Home Depot Employee Pricing Program, you will need to redeem the WOWPoints to save your money.

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Do Home Depot Employees Get Discount in Canada?

In Canada, Home Depot employees currently do not receive any direct discounts on store products or services. So, like other regions, the company has not implemented an employee discount program for its Canadian workforce.

But, the Employee Pricing Program is available for Canadian employees. The process of utilizing the Home Depot Employee Pricing Program to get discounts in Canada is the same as in the United States.

Besides, Home Depot offers other essential perks and benefits for employees in Canada, including retirement plans, life insurance, parental leave, medical insurance, time off or paid time off policies, and more.

As the employee benefits policies are constantly evolving and changing at Home Depot, I strongly suggest it is always a good idea to consult the most recent information available from Home Depot’s official channels or human resources department to stay informed about employee benefits and perks for everyone.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Give Employee Discounts?

Home Depot still does not offer any direct discount on its products for employees, while most competitors have been offering employee discounts for a long time now.

It’s hard to tell the exact reasons why Home Depot does not offer employee discounts as an individual outside of the company. But, we can consider the Home Depot business plan and come up with several reasons why the company still is not offering discounts to the employees.

Here are several reasons why Home Depot chose not to offer employee discounts:

  • Similar Perk: The Home Depot is not offering employee discount mainly because of a similar perk that Home Depot already offers, the Employee Pricing Program.

    With the help of the Employee Pricing Program, you can purchase various products and services from other brands at discounted prices. But, point to be noted, you will not be able to buy Home Depot’s own products at a discount using the Employee Pricing Program.
  • Cost Considerations: As you might be aware, offering employee discounts can result in reduced profits for a company, as discounted products or services generate lower revenue.

    By being aware of cost considerations, Home Depot chose not to give employees discounts because, as I mentioned, it directly impacts the company’s profit.
  • Pricing Strategy: Home Depot wants transparent pricing for everybody, including its employees.

    Providing employees with different pricing than customers also can complicate the Home Depot pricing structure and strategy.
  • Alternative Perks and Benefits: Home Depot provides most of the common benefits to its associates except for employee discounts. Hence, the company is not offering another additional benefit to the employees.

In summary, while employee discounts can be an attractive perk, Home Depot chooses not to offer them for various reasons.

Home Depot Perks and Benefits for Employees in 2023

The Home Depot has historically provided a comprehensive benefits package for its employees, and still today, this home improvement company offers some attractive perks and benefits.

The benefits that Home Depot employees are eligible for:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Retirement plans
  • Parental leave
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Dental insurance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Vision insurance
  • Elder care
  • Pet insurance
  • Relocation assistance
  • Disability insurance (Short and long-term)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance

Last Words

Home Depot chose not to offer an employee discount. Therefore, no matter what category of employees you are, you are not going to get any discount on your purchase from Home Depot.

The Employee Pricing Program is the alternative to employee discount. Home Depot employees are eligible for the Employee Pricing Program.

The Employee Pricing Program works not exactly as an employee discount program, but this perk allows employees to buy other brands’ products at a discount.

There can be various reasons why Home Depot is not offering employee discounts, but as this company’s employee perks and benefits evolve each year, we can hope for employee discount benefit in future.

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