How Much Does Lowe’s Pay In Texas 2023? (More Than You Think)

Lowe’s pay in Texas is a little bit different from other states in the United States. Thinking about how much Lowe’s pay in Texas is really common because Lowe’s stores are all over this state.

The state of Texas has the most number of Lowe’s locations in the United States. Eight percent of Lowe’s locations in the U.S. are in Texas.

Every state has a minimum wage law, and the federal government fixes the minimum wage for employees. Similarly, Texas state also has minimum wage law.

Employers fix their employee’s salaries by considering all varieties of factors. That’s why not all states have the same wage for employees.

Lowe’s Home Improvement also has different pay for different states. So, you should know that Lowe’s pays according to your state.

Here we are going to know how much does Lowe’s pays in Texas for all positions.

How Much Does Lowe’s Pay In Texas

how much does lowes pay in texas
How Much Does Lowe’s Pay In Texas 2023

Lowe’s Home Improvement pays employees an average of $13.65 an hour, $527 weekly, $2,345 monthly, and $27,800 annually in Texas. Lowe’s pay rate in Texas fluctuates from time to time; it’s not permanently fixed. Lowe’s always notified how much they will pay you during the hiring process.

Lowe’s all position average salaries in Texas:

Senior Software Engineer

A senior software engineer is the highest paying job at Lowe’s home improvement, and this position is also highly demanded.

Lowe’s senior software engineers get over $60 per hour and more than $120,000 annually in Texas.

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Department Manager

Lowe’s pays a department manager an average $15.05 hourly rate and $31,240 annually in Texas.

Lowe’s department manager is responsible for training new staff, handling discards, and engaging customers.

Stock Unloader

The vacancy for stock unloaders always exists in all Lowe’s locations, including Texas.

Currently, a stock unloader’s average salary is $16.85 hourly and $35.106 yearly at Lowe’s stores in Texas.

A Lowe’s stock unloader’s duties are monitoring truck deliveries, unloading incoming trucks, checking for correct labeling, and more.

Project Specialist

Lowe’s pays a project specialist approximately $27.63 per hour and $60.000 per year in Texas all locations.

Get a job as Lowe’s project specialist; you must have in-depth knowledge about Lowe’s Home Improvement products and tools.

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist is a popular position at Lowe’s stores all over the nation. You can find several sales specialists in one Lowe’s location.

Lowe’s sales specialist’s average hourly rate is $16.57 and $34,459 yearly in Texas.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative is the position that every store needs, especially the retail store that needs them the most.

Lowe’s pays a customer service representative over $13.56 per hour and $28,300 per year in Texas.

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Assistant Store Manager

An assistant store manager makes an average of $14.25 hourly rate and $29,645 yearly at all Lowe’s locations in Texas.

Lowe’s assistant store manager pay is a little bit higher than other retail stores in the nation.

Warehouse Worker

Lowe’s pays warehouse workers an average of $16.57 per hour and around $34,500 per year in Texas.

Warehouse workers do restocking shelves, process and pack orders, accept incoming orders, and more.

Lowe’s also hires part-time warehouse workers, and every warehouse worker gets a 10% discount on every purchase at Lowe’s.

Human Resources Coordinator Or HR Coordinator

The salary of an HR Coordinator is always higher than the average salary of Lowe’s Home Improvement pay rate.

A Human Resources Coordinator gets $21 hourly and $42,623 yearly, approximately at Lowe’s.

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Sales Associate

The number of sales associates at Lowe’s is higher than at any other retail store in the United States.

At Lowe’s locations in Texas, sales associates make approximately $13.75 per hour and $28,000 annually.

Head Cashier Or FT-Head Cashier

Lowe’s pays a head cashier over $13.21 hourly and $27,250 per year at all Lowe’s locations in Texas.

You can work part-time or full-time as a head cashier or FT-Head Cashier at Lowe’s.

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver makes $15.05 per hour and $33,244 per year at Lowe’s stores in Texas.

Lowe’s delivery driver responsibilities are assisting with loading and unloading items from vehicles and preparing reports and other documents relating to deliveries.

Forklift Operator

Lowe’s pays a forklift operator over $16.73 hourly and $34,789 annually in Texas.

Forklift operators are also categorized as warehouse workers at Lowe’s; that’s why the pay is also similar.

Night Stocker

At all Lowe’s locations in the U.S., you will find a job vacancy for a night stocker position.

A night stocker makes approximately $14.00 per hour and $29,069 per year at Lowe’s in Texas.

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Lowe’s Starting Pay In Texas

lowes starting pay in texas
Lowe’s Starting Pay In Texas

Lowe’s starting pay in Texas is approximately $12.69 per hour, almost 8% above the national average U.S. pay.

Lowe’s starting pay is different from position to position, whether in Texas or any other state in the United States.

Warehouse worker starting pay is over $16 hourly and approximately $34,420 yearly at Lowe’s in Texas.

Lowe’s senior software engineer starting pay is $60.21 per hour and over $120,000 annually in Texas.

The project specialist makes around $28.52 starting at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Lowe’s sales associate and specialist starting pay is $13.25 hourly and $28,720 annually in Texas.

Part-time employees starting pay and full-time starting are the same at all Lowe’s locations in Texas state.

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How Much Does Lowes Pay An Hour In Texas

how much does lowes pay an hour in texas
How Much Does Lowes Pay An Hour In Texas

As of 2023, Lowe’s pays approximately $12.34 an hour in Texas, which is a little higher than other retail stores’ hourly rates in the state of Texas.

But Lowe’s pay rate for an hour is not the highest pay rate in Texas, but it’s a decent amount to start a career.

Some other retail chains in the state of Texas pay a lot less than Lowe’s Home Improvement.

But, Lowe’s provides great employee benefits to support their work and life.

How Much Does Lowe’s Pay Cashiers In Texas

Lowe’s pay cashier’s average of $13.06 per hour, but the pay rate can go over $16 per hour in Texas.

Head cashier makes an average of $13.21 hourly, which is higher than other cashier positions in Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Lowe’s follows the same pay rate and the payment schedule all over the state of Texas.

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How Much Does Lowe’s Pay In Houston, Texas

Lowe’s Home Improvement salary ranges from approximately $12.47 to $28.59 per hour in Houston, Texas.

Like Lowe’s locations in other states and cities, Lowe’s offers great employee benefits and perks in Houston, Texas.

As you already know, the city of Houston has the most Lowe’s locations in Texas. So, Lowe’s as an employer is well-known in Houston city.

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s higher positions employees are made around $28 per hour and over $70,000 annually.

Lowe’s Highest Paying Cities in Texas

Lowe’s pay rate also varies in cities and states; just like that in Texas, some cities have higher pay rates than others.

So, let’s check out the list of Lowe’s highest-paying cities in the state of Texas.

The list of Lowe’s highest paying cities in Texas:

Top CityHourly PayMonthly PayAnnual Pay
Fort Worth$22.25$4,236$50,841
Oyster Creek$19.14$3,599$46,685


Lowe’s Home Improvement pays more than the average salary in the state of Texas.

Lowe’s employees in Texas make approximately $13 per hour and around $28,000 yearly.

The pay rate of Lowe’s also depends on locations and cities in Texas. But, Lowe’s gives fixed salaries for some positions all over Texas.

During Lowe’s hiring process, employees are notified about everything, such as their salary, responsibilities, and more.

So, you are going to know your hourly, weekly, monthly, and of course, yearly pay rate before getting hired by Lowe’s.

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