The 28 Best Companies To Work For In Fort Worth, Texas 2023

The list of best companies to work for in Fort Worth, Texas, added top workplaces according to employee benefits, size of the company, and revenue.

Currently, America’s top companies are headquartered in the state of Texas for various business advantages.

The city of Fort Worth also became a center of commerce in Texas. New industries are rising, and big employers are moving to Fort Worth gradually.

Therefore, it gets more difficult to choose the best companies to work for in Fort Worth because now, from tech companies to financial intuitions, all industries companies are here in Fort Worth city.

We list the best companies to work for in Fort Worth by considering employee benefits, employee wages, company size, employee recommendations, and reviews.

Best Companies To Work For In Fort Worth

best companies to work for in fort worth
Best Companies To Work For In Fort Worth 2023
1American Airlines123,400 Airline
2TTI, Inc.8,000Electronic
3GM Financial8,750Finance
4KMG Chemicals, Inc.1,000Chemicals
7Ben E. Keith6,000Distributor
8Texas Christian University3,856University
9Callaway Golf2,400Sports Equipment
11Teladoc Health5,000Healthcare
12Virbac Corporation4,900Pharmaceutical
13PRA Group5,100Finance
14Calloway’s Nursery500Lawn and Garden
15Kelly Hart & Hallman200Law Firm
17Wier & Associates, Inc.40Engineering
18Sutton Frost Cary LLP50Accounting Firm
19XTO Energy4,700Energy
20Sabre Corporation9,950Travel Technology
21Byrne Construction Services200Construction
24United Way of Tarrant County 70Nonprofit Organization
25Tarrant Roofing50Roofing
26Palo Alto Networks11,870Cybersecurity
27Worthington National Bank50Finance
28Steele & Freeman Inc.200Construction

The list of best companies to work for in Fort Worth, Texas 2023:

  1. American Airlines
  2. TTI, Inc.
  3. GM Financial
  4. KMG Chemicals, Inc.
  5. Alcon
  6. Cyient
  7. Ben E. Keith
  8. Texas Christian University
  9. Callaway Golf
  10. Presidio
  11. Teladoc Health
  12. Virbac Corporation
  13. PRA Group
  14. Calloway’s Nursery
  15. Kelly Hart & Hallman
  16. Koddi
  17. Wier & Associates, Inc.
  18. Sutton Frost Cary LLP
  19. XTO Energy
  20. Sabre Corporation
  21. Byrne Construction Services
  22. TransSolutions
  23. ITW
  24. United Way of Tarrant County
  25. Tarrant Roofing
  26. Palo Alto Networks
  27. Worthington National Bank
  28. Steele & Freeman Inc.

1. American Airlines

American Airlines is the best company to work for in Fort Worth, Texas, because of its great employee benefits and competitive pay.

American Airlines, Inc. shortly AA is the world’s largest airline by considering various factors and also one of the largest employers in Texas.

By revenue passenger mile, American Airlines is the largest airline in the world. Currently, AA has around 17 billion USD in revenue. American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

American Airlines provides global air transport services for passengers and cargo, but AA earns the vast majority of revenue from air passenger services.

American Airlines has become a top place to work in Fort Worth by providing great employee benefits and perks.

American Airlines gives health insurance, well-being programs, 401(k) retirement programs, family support, employee discount, education foundation, and more employee benefits.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 123,400
  • Services They Provide: Air transport services.

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2. TTI, Inc.

Berkshire Hathaway owns TTI, Inc. TTI, Inc. is an electric company that distributes all types of electronic components.

In 1971, TTI, Inc. was founded in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Around eight thousand associates are working with TTI, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, RFMW, LTD., and Symmetry Electronics are the major subsidiaries of TTI, Inc.

Since Berkshire Hathaway owns TTI, Inc., this company is expanding its services worldwide and also attracting more talented employees.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment, life insurance, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), paid holidays, employee discount programs, paid time off, and educational assistance benefits TTI, Inc. employees are eligible.

Short and long-term disability insurance with 401(k) retirement plans is also included in TTI, Inc. employee benefits.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Over 8,000
  • Services They Provide: Capacitors, resistors, connectors, switches, relays, circuit protection, electromagnetics, and electrical sensors.

3. GM Financial

GM Financial, formerly known as General Motor Financial Company, Inc., is internally reputed financial company.

In September 1992, GM Financial was founded, and now this company has over 14 Billion USD in revenue.

GM Financial provides auto insurance all over the United States, Europe, China, and Canada.

GM Financial has been doing well in business compared to GM Financial competitors such as Ally and TD Auto Finance.

GM Financial keeps going one step ahead by providing flexible insurance rates and many advantages to customers.

General Motor Financial Company, Inc. also ensures the most important employee benefits and perks for employees.

Employee benefits include; vision insurance, paid holidays, wellness programs, life insurance, and various perks employees.

The working environment in GM Financial is very camaraderie where employees have changed to learn more about corporate.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 8,750
  • Services They Provide: Auto finance and insurance.

4. KMG Chemicals, Inc.

KMG Chemicals, Inc. is not really a popular workplace in the local community of Fort Worth city, but this company has great benefits and pay for employees.

KMG Chemicals, Inc. is a chemicals company that produces specialty chemicals and performance materials for pipeline, semiconductor, and energy services.

In the United States, KMG Chemicals, Inc. is a major supplier of wood treating chemicals that are used in the electrical power industry.

KMG Chemicals, Inc. was founded in 1985, and later on, CMC Material Corporation owned this company.

KMG Chemicals, Inc. offers health insurance, disability coverage, life insurance, flexible work schedule, and retirement plans.

Both life insurance and health insurance attract world-class employees to KMG Chemicals, Inc.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Around 1,000
  • Services They Provide: Acids, Solvents, Etchants, Strippers and more.

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5. Alcon

Alcon is another best company to work for in Fort Worth, Texas. Alcon is an American Swiss medal company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alcon is a leading global ophthalmology company that develops and manufactures eye care products.

Robert Alexander and William Conner founded this company in 1945 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

In 2011, Swiss-American company Novartis acquired Alcon with 77% ownership.

With several subsidiaries and over twenty-five thousand employees, Alcon is the second largest employer in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Over 25,000
  • Services They Provide: Eye care products, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Vitreoretonal and Contact Lenses & Solutions.

6. Cyient

Cyient is a technology company that was founded in India. And has a corporate office in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

Cyient is working on manufacturing, digital technology solutions, engineering, and more technological sectors.

In March 1997, Cyient went public, so now this company is publicly traded.

Cyient employee benefits programs are flexible work schedules, education reimbursement, paid holidays, life insurance, and also retirement plans.

In the list of top outstanding companies in the world, Cyient was featured as the best technology company.

  • Headquarters: Hyderabad, India
  • Employees: Over 10,000
  • Services They Provide: Engineering, designing, technology solutions, and more.

7. Ben E. Keith

Ben E. Keith is a major distributor of food and beverages in the United States.

In 1906, Ben E. Keith (Benjamin Ellington Keith) founded, and currently, they have over 5.5 billion USD in revenue.

Ben E. Keith is always looking for talents for corporate, sales, warehouse, and delivery work positions.

The range of average salary of Ben E. Keith employees is $56,825 to $110,886 a year.

Ben E. Keith distributes all categories of foods and beverages all over the nation. 

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 6,000
  • Services They Provide: Foods and Alcoholic beverage.

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8. Texas Christian University

The state of Texas has several renowned universities in the world. And the university is one of the best workplaces.

According to performances, Texas Christian University is ranked 83 in the national universities category.

Texas Christian University requires at least 30 hours a week of work. University’s all employees are eligible for employee benefits and perks.

Texas Christian University offers several medical insurance plans, short and long-term disability coverage, tuition assessment, and retirement plan as employee benefits.

Around four thousand associates are working at Texas Christian University.

Around four thousand associates are working at Texas Christian University.

  • Located: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 3,856
  • Services They Provide: Private university.

9. Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Company is one of the largest golf equipment company in the world. They deliver their products in over hardened countries.

Callaway was founded in 1982, and Callaway Golf Company went public in February 1992.

All over the world, the products of Callaway Golf have a good reputation and trust in golfers.

Working at Callaway Golf is really fun and productive. The workplace culture is also mentionable because it’s astonishing.

  • Headquarters: Carlsbad, California, United States
  • Employees: Over 2,400
  • Services They Provide: Golf balls, bags, gloves, caps and all types of golf equipment.

10. Presidio

Presidio is a technology company that provides various digital support and cloud security services all over the world.

Presidio also works with all types of IT support and consulting. This employer always looks for sales, engineering, and professional career employees.

Presidio offers some great employee benefits and perks as an American IT company.

Presidio employee benefits include a 401(K) retirement plan, paid holiday, medical insurance, disability insurance, an employee assistance program, and also flexible spending plans.

To learn about cutting-edge technology, Presidio is the best place to work in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
  • Employees: 1,001 to 5,000 employees
  • Services They Provide: Cloud security, modern data center, customer accusation, and business technology solutions.

11. Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health, Inc. is an exceptional company among all healthcare companies in the United States because of its business growth.

You might not know that Teladoc Health is the world’s only integrated virtual care system.

Teladoc Health was founded in 2002, and it went public in 2015. Currently has over two billion USD in revenue.

Teladoc Health, Inc. is a healthcare company that provides AI and analytics, telehealth drivers,  medical options, and more services.

By offering quality employee benefits and competitive pay, Teladoc Health, Inc. helps employees to work-life balance.

  • Headquarters: Purchase, Harrison, New York, United States
  • Employees: Over 5,000
  • Services They Provide: Critical health solution and virtual healthcare delivering.

12. Virbac Corporation

Virbac Corporation is an animal pharmaceutical company headquartered in Westlake, Texas, United States.

From more than a hundred countries, pet owners can get Virbac’s services and products.

Virbac Corporation is the best company to work for in Fort Worth for veterinary professionals.

The work-from-home facility makes Virbac Corporation a competitive place to get a job.

Paid time off, retirement plan, life insurance, disability insurance, medical coverage, and casual dress facility are the major employee benefits in Virbac Corporation.

  • Headquarters: Westlake, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 4,900
  • Services They Provide: Agricultural technology and animal health care services.

13. PRA Group

PRA Group is a debt purchase and debt collection agency. This company is a major employer in the nonperforming loan industry.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. shortly PRA Group is also a top five debt buyer in the United States.

The working environment at PRA Group is well managed, and this company also offers career advancement opportunities.

PRA Group hires talent from all over the globe. PRA Group offers tuition reimbursement programs, employee assistance programs, medical insurance, and more comprehensive employee benefits.

  • Headquarters: Norfolk, Virginia, United States
  • Employees: 5,100
  • Services They Provide: Debt buy and collection.

14. Calloway’s Nursery

Calloway’s Nursery is a publicly traded lawn and garden services company headquartered in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

They have a variety of categories of products and particular services for lawn and gardening.

Calloway’s Nursery is one of the largest independent retail garden centers and nurseries in the United States.

Around five hundred employees are working in Calloway’s Nursery company.

Calloway’s Nursery employee benefits include life insurance, paid vacation, employee discount, flexible working hours, 401(k) retirement plan, and employee development benefit.

Calloway’s Nursery can be a better workplace in Fort Worth for you to start your career.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Around 500
  • Services They Provide: Premium seeds, nursery products, and plants services.

15. Kelly Hart & Hallman

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP is a prominent law firm in the state of Texas. For forty years, Kelly Hart & Hallman has provided services.

Dee J. Kelly, Mark L. Hart, and William P. Hallman are the founders of Kelly Hart & Hallman. Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP is also the best law firm in Texas, among others.

From five attorneys to over 160 attorneys are working with Kelly Hart & Hallman law firm.

For learning and starting your law career, Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP can be the best place to work in Fort Worth.

Base salary of a Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP employee is between $165,000 to $200,000 a year, and employees also get over $10,000 as a bonus.

With mandatory employee benefits, Kelly Hart & Hallman also offers health insurance, parental leave, paid time off, domestic partner benefits, and life insurance.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 160 Attorney
  • Services They Provide: Aviation Law, Corporate & Securities, Environmental Law, Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property, Administrative Law, and Banking & Finance.

16. Koddi

Koddi is a Fort Worth-based technology company that helps businesses with marketing with digital software and services.

Koddi was founded in 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas. This company has been working with some of the top employers in Texas.

In this company, most employees work remotely from home. Koddi has over two hundred associates all over the world as of 2023.

Koddi was mentioned on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list and received Digiday Signal Awards.

Software engineer, data scientist, client services manager, and SEM analyst are top positions in Koddi. This is also looking for these positions talents.

Koddi employee benefits are wellness programs, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, and performance bonus.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Over 200
  • Services They Provide: Digital advertising, software, digital campaign, marketing strategy, and data analysis.

17. Wier & Associates, Inc.

Wier & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in civil engineering, land surveying, and land planning.

All over Texas, Wier & Associates, Inc. has a good reputation as a land planning company.

Wier & Associates was founded in 1978 by John P. Wier, P.E., R.P.L.S., and currently, over forty employees are working with them.

Wier & Associates, Inc. provides services for consulting engineering, land surveying, land planning, construction phase, and all different types of construction services.

  • Headquarters: Arlington, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 40
  • Services They Provide: Consulting engineering, land surveying, land planning, and construction phase.

18. Sutton Frost Cary LLP

Sutton Frost Cary LLP is an accounting and taxation firm that has three corporate offices in Texas.

Sutton Frost Cary LLP, or shortly only SFC was founded in 1994 in Arlington, Texas. 

This accounting firm provides services for public companies, non-profit organizations, private companies, and also for individuals.

Sutton Frost Cary LLP’s number of clients is gradually increasing, so you can also grow your career with them too.

Sutton Frost Cary LLP employees are eligible for paid time off (PTO), 401(k) retirement plan, work-life balance, CPA license bonus program, maternity leave, and competitive pay.

This employer also has an employee benefit plan audit service that they provide their clients.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Around 50
  • Services They Provide: Taxation, aduit, accounting, employee benefit plan audit, and insurance company accounting.

19. XTO Energy

XTO Energy is the subsidiary of Texas’s biggest employer ExxonMobile, that was founded in 1995 by Bob R. Simpson.

In 2010, ExxonMobile accrued XTO Energy for $41 billion and developed this company with more technology which brought more innovation.

For the engineering profession, there is so much to learn in XTO Energy company.

XTO Energy has the biggest office in Fort Worth. XTO Energy gives excellent employee benefits and perks.

As an XTO Energy Inc. employee, you are eligible for life insurance, employee saving plan, health insurance, disability leave, pension plan, paid time off, and workplace flexibility employee benefits.

  • Headquarters: Spring, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 4,700
  • Services They Provide: Drilling and producing oil and natural gas.

20. Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation is a publicly traded travel technology company that has various types of services for global traveling.

Sabre Corporation has a unique workplace and offers numerous advancements for employees’ work-life balance.

You might not know Sabre Corporation is North America’s biggest air booking system provider.

AMR Corporation is the parent organization of Sabre Corporation. And you should also know American Airlines is also owned by AMR Corporation.

Sabre Corporation is also a cutting-edge company that provides tech solutions and digital solutions for the tourism industry.

  • Headquarters: Southlake, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 9,950
  • Services They Provide: Data analytics, inventory management, hospitality solutions, developer expercies, departure control, offer optimizations, network planning, and customer touchpoints.

21. Byrne Construction Services

Byrne Construction Services is the largest Fort Worth-based construction firm that was founded almost 100 years ago in 1923.

Byrne Construction Services LTD provides commercial, residential, healthcare, museum, hotel, and municipal construction services. They work with some featuring projects in the state of Texas. 

Senior project manager, project manager, senior project coordinator, and superintendent positions are always open for employers all over the nation.

To work at Byrne Construction Services, you are going to need between 3 to 10 years of experience.

Byrne Construction Services has very well and perfectly balanced employee benefit programs.

Byrne Construction Services offers health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, flexible spending account, group hospital insurance, health savings account, and more great employee benefits and perks.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Over 200
  • Services They Provide: Preconstruction, construction management, design, and visual design.

22. TransSolutions

TransSolutions is the most women-friendly workplace in Texas because TransSolutions is fully women-owned.

TransSolutions is an engineering consultant specializing in transportation facilities.

They work with airline companies, corporate campus development, healthcare providers, government entities, and retail establishments.

But, finding a position in a TransSolutions company can be hard because they don’t have a large number of employees. For starting your career, this company can be the best.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Over 200
  • Services They Provide: Simulation modeling, planning & forecasting, and logistics & operation.

23. ITW

Illinois Tool Works Inc., also known as ITV, is an American manufacturing company.

ITW has fifteen offices throughout the United States. And one office is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

In over 50 countries, ITW supplies its products and runs its operation, so it’s a big employer that also has around fifty thousand employees.

To grow your career at its full potential, ITW Inc. can help you with various benefits and competition.

  • Headquarters: Glenview, Illinois, United States
  • Employees: Over 40,000
  • Services They Provide: Welding, construction products, electronic products, automobile OEM, food equipment and more.

24. United Way of Tarrant County

United Way of Tarrant County is a nonprofit organization based in the state of Texas only.

United Way of Tarrant County exists on the best companies to work for in Fort Worth list because of its employee benefits and work flexibility.

Now, over seventy employees are working with United Way of Tarrant County all over Texas.

Affordable medical benefits, 403(b) matching retirement plan, paid time off, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, and health reimbursement account (HRA) are included in United Way of Tarrant County employee benefits program.

Also, considering the work environment, United Way of Tarrant County organization is the best in Fort Worth city.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 70
  • Services They Provide: Solve social issues affecting Tarrant County.

25. Tarrant Roofing

Tarrant Roofing is a commercial and home roofing company based in Texas. Tarrant Roofing is a popular roofing company all over the state.

This company makes a huge profit every year with better service and experienced associates.

Employees get better compensation and benefits that help them to balance their work-life.

Tarrant Roofing expanded its services area faster, so the business and employees also benefited.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Around 50
  • Services They Provide: Roof inspections, roof replacement, elastomeric roofing, commercial roofing, residential roofing, and thermoplastic roofing.

26. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity company that specializes in cloud security, endpoint protection, and network security.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. was founded in 2005, and now it’s a publicly traded company.

This company has elvan offices throughout the United States, and one office is located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.’s work culture is very good, especially leadership. This company consistently beats the previous year’s revenue every year.

Also, Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is obsessed with providing the best services to its customers from 150 countries.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. is a renowned cybersecurity company in the United States, where you can work while living in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, United States
  • Employees: 11,870
  • Services They Provide: Cloud security, endpoint protection, and network security.

27. Worthington National Bank

Worthington National Bank is a locally owned and operated bank in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas.

In Texas, among several locally owned banks, Worthington National Bank is one of many.

Worthington National Bank has been voted the best local bank in Texas. This bank offers all basic employee compensation and benefits.

To gain expertise in finance, you can start your career with Worthington National Bank.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 11 to 50
  • Services They Provide: All banking facilities.

28. Steele & Freeman Inc.

Steele & Freeman Inc. is a construction company that has provided services for 42 years now.

Steele & Freeman Inc.’s headquarters is in Fort Worth. Around two hundred people are working in this company.

We found Steele & Freeman Inc. is a fun place to work in Fort Worth, Texas.

Steele & Freeman Inc. also pay competitive salaries to its employees with great benefits programs.

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • Employees: Around 200
  • Services They Provide: General contractor, additions, construction, and design-build.


The best companies to work for in Fort Worth also offer competitive pay, a great work-life balance, various employee benefits, and perks.

Construction and technology companies are the biggest employers in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

American Airlines, Alcon, and GM Financial are the best places to work in Fort Worth.

TransSolutions is the top women-friendly company to work for in Fort Worth because women run this company.

Best companies are looking for talent, so consider applying for jobs to get great compensation.

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