Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess: Pay, Age, Description, Application

Texas Roadhouse hostess positions are always demanded because employees love to work as a host at Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

As a host, you are also eligible for Texas Roadhouse employee benefits that help you to balance your work and life.

Better performance at Texas Roadhouse interviews can ensure your job at Texas Roadhouse as a hostess.

To help you, we bring everything you need to know about the Texas Roadhouse hostess job.

Let’s know Texas Roadhouse hostess pay, age, job application, description, dress code, interview questions, and more here.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess

texas roadhouse host
Texas Roadhouse Host or Hostess

Texas Roadhouse hostesses take care of customers’ seating and welcome customers. Texas Roadhouse hostess makes around $10 hourly and needs to wear the Texas Roadhouse t-shirt and jeans.

The host/hostess has some specific responsibilities at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Just like other Texas Roadhouse employee categories, hostesses are also included in the Texas Roadhouse employee discount.

Texas Roadhouse pays hostesses a competitive salary and gives maximum facilities.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Pay

texas roadhouse host or hostess pay
Texas Roadhouse Host or Hostess Pay

Texas Roadhouse host/hostess makes an average $9 hourly and between $14,000 to $22,000 yearly.

Based on locations and restaurants, Texas Roadhouse hostess salaries can be slightly different.

Texas Roadhouse hosts and hostesses get paid weekly.

Texas Roadhouse hostesses’ starting pay is $9, but a hostess can make between $10 to $15 hourly by doing overtime.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Job Description

Texas Roadhouse host job description is very simple and easy to understand.

As a host/hostess, you must greet every guest of Texas Roadhouse customers.

The hostess also needs to do good work with team members. With greeting customers, hostesses also ensure customers’ seating.

You apply for both part-time and full-time hostess jobs at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Responsibilities

texas roadhouse host or hostess responsibilities
Texas Roadhouse Host or Hostess Responsibilities

Among a variety of responsibilities, giving guest’s extra special welcome is the most important responsibility for Texas Roadhouse host or hostess.

At Texas Roadhouse orientation for host and hostess, Texas Roadhouse restaurant’s one of the members also tells you all responsibilities.

Texas Roadhouse Host/hostess responsibilities are:

  • Assist customers with menu and time.
  • Greet guests with a genuine welcome.
  • Answering phones, replying to emails, and taking reservations.
  • Serving Texas Roadhouse Fresh-Baked bread.
  • Help staff cleans the restaurant.
  • Given priority to teamwork.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Uniform

Texas Roadhouse host/hostesses have a dress code that every host needs to maintain.

A Texas Roadhouse t-shirt, dark-colored jeans, black shoes, and a black or brown belt is the dress code for a hostess.

You got the t-shirt from Texas Roadhouse restaurant after Texas Roadhouse hiring process

Every employee has the same dress code from Texas Roadhouse general manager to a dishwasher.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Application

You must fill up the application online to apply for a Texas Roadhouse host/hostess job.

Like most job application processes at Texas Roadhouse, hostesses also follow some steps to apply.

Visit Texas Roadhouse’s official website to find a job application form for both host and hostess.

You can also apply for other Texas Roadhouse restaurants from the Texas Roadhouse website.

Make sure to choose the right location for Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

You must be careful about putting personal information like work experience, education, personal data, etc.

After filling up the application form, you just need to submit, and then you will get an email from Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

You might also ask for Texas Roadhouse drug test during the hiring process as a host or hostess.

Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess Interview Questions

Texas Roadhouse employees go through two interviews to get the job for any position at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Texas Roadhouse Host or hostess interview questions are pretty straightforward.

During the Texas Roadhouse interview, you must answer more than twenty questions.

Questions are simple and easy to answer for applicants because most questions are about themself.

Texas Roadhouse host/hostess interview questions are:

  • Why do you want to work for Texas Roadhouse?
  • What can you tell us about Texas Roadhouse?
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself?
  • Why do you feel customer service is so important?
  • What can you tell us about Texas Roadhouse?
  • Describe some of your skills that would help you perform as a host?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
  • What’s your availability?
  • How would you define excellent customer service?

How Old To Be A Host/Hostess At Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse host or hostess must be 16 years old. Below sixteen-year-old Texas Roadhouse restaurant is not hired for any job position.

If you are below 18 years old, you do not serve alcohol also, as a host of Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

To submit a job application at Texas Roadhouse restaurant, you must meet Texas Roadhouse hiring age requirements.

How To Become A Texas Roadhouse Host/Hostess

how to become a texas roadhouse host or hostess
How To Become A Texas Roadhouse Host or Hostess

For every job position at Texas Roadhouse restaurant needs different skills to get hired.

Here are some tips for becoming a Texas Roadhouse hostess:

Foster A Welcoming Attitude

Texas Roadhouse host or hostess the most important task to greeting and welcoming guests.

So, you understand how important it is to foster a welcoming attitude to become a Texas Roadhouse host.

By practicing a welcoming attitude, you can easily foster that attitude in you.

Answering the Phone Gently

As a host or hostess, you must answer the phone frequently and many times a day.

Learn how to talk over the phone gently. This minor skill must help you to be a host at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Connection With Restaurant Servers

Texas Roadhouse restaurant host or hostess needs to connect with servers to the food on the table.

Better understanding with your servers always makes your job easy and simple.

Teamwork Experience

Not only for Texas Roadhouse host jobs, but teamwork is also necessary for every job position.

Teamwork becomes more important for restaurant services.

So, show your previous teamwork experience if you have it during the Texas Roadhouse interview.


Texas Roadhouse host and hostess play a significant role in their restaurant revenue growth.

Texas Roadhouse also gives the right employee benefits and facilities to attract pure talent.

Considering Texas Roadhouse salary for a host or hostess, it can be a great opportunity to work as a Texas Roadhouse restaurant host.

Providing your great effort to customers as a hostess can help you to get a bigger position at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

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